Wednesday, 6 June 2012

God Save The Hearing: Queen Elizabeth Rocks the Ear Plugs

Even those without Meniere’s Disease appreciate the value of good hearing.

After sixty years in the business, Queen Elizabeth has had to attend more twenty-one gun salutes, female falsettos and rowdy state affairs than one should ever have to endure. But like all who are at the top of their game, she has a few tricks tucked in her tiara to get her through.

Those with (or without) Meniere’s Disease would be wise to embrace Her Royal Highness’s use of protection… ear protection. One doesn’t need fancy shmancy, diamond encrusted ear plugs. Just send Jeeves down to the local pharmacy with a mere 50p (AUD $0.80) and you too could be enjoying the benefits of minimised tinnitus and noise related hearing loss after the big event.

Ear plugs aren’t just for concerts; they’re great for everyday use such as:
·         when blow drying your hair at home or at the salon
·         when visiting noisy construction sites
·         on a tarmac or plane jetting to far off colonies
·         when minding the grandkids (or anytime you’re forced to be with other people’s children ;) )
·         water proof plugs while swimming or in the shower after an intratympanic Dexamethasone injection
·         or anytime you just want some (world) peace & solitude

Foam ear plugs come in packs of two or more and are easy to insert. Just slowly roll with a clean or gloved hand, compressing the plug into a thin crease-free cylinder, then insert well into the ear canal. Hold plug in place with fingertip until it has expanded. Simple!

If you accidentally drop one behind the throne, don’t despair, grab a fresh plug from the multipack and notify the staff to vacuum the soiled one up (Note: Ear plugs may be a choking hazard to Corgis, so don’t leave them lying around.) When not in use, keep your ear plugs hygienically protected in the container they came in.

Take it from the Queen, ear plugs are the cheapest insurance you can buy to protect your ears now and into the next jubilee. God save the hearing!

Above picture: Queen Elizabeth sports foam ear plugs which can be seen in the side view and ever so slightly in the three-quarter view. She then discretely removes them before going on stage with a beaming smile. Oh the joys of saved hearing! J



  1. “...ear plugs are the cheapest insurance you can buy to protect your ears now and into the next jubilee.” - Of all the good points you highlighted here, this is the part I agree with the most. It is certainly easy and cheap to invest in these and protect one’s ears, yet most people don’t do so. I think they have yet to realize the importance of their hearing and what these little ear devices can do to preserve one of their most important senses.

  2. Because loud music is a trigger especially at the gym plus all the equipment, I've started using my ipod headset to muffle the noise. high quality stereo that do seem to work. Regular ear plugs never stay in my ears, maybe because I've never held with my finger till completely expanded. The next time I go to the gym I'll get some on the way. Thanks!

  3. I thinks earplug is a good way to protect our hearing. We should carry earplugs among the places we go. Just make sure you have a quality ear plugs.