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Meniere’s Australia (MA) has recently established its social media, volunteering & fundraising network to better connect and support those living with vestibular disorders (specifically Ménière’s disease).

As you may know, Meniere’s Australia (MA) is a national non-profit, non-government organisation that supports those living with Meniere’s disease and other vestibular conditions.

MA membership is open to Australian Pension/Health Card holders, Individuals, Health Professionals & Organisations. International memberships are also available. In the future, some of the following social media websites will supply content exclusive to MA members. So it pays to join or renew your MA membership for access in all areas. To find out more check out and JOIN Meniere's Australia

You can now connect with Meniere’s Australia via the following websites:
·         Facebook
·         LinkedIn
·         Twitter
·         YouTube
·         Skype
·         Pimp My Cause
·         GiveNow
·         Everyday Hero
·         Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)
 Here’s how…


If you have a Facebook profile you can interact with other People, Companies & Groups on Facebook. Anybody with a Facebook profile can LIKE the company page however in the future only MA members will be able to FRIEND Meniere’s Aust or JOIN the Meniere’s Australia (MA) Support Group.

Meniere’s Australia Company Page
You can LIKE the Meniere’s Australia company page which will be added Meniere’s Australia updates to your Facebook news feed.

Meniere’s Australia (MA) Support Group
You can request to JOIN the Meniere’s Australia (MA) Support Group and interact with other MA members and people interested in Meniere’s disease & other vestibular disorders.

If you have a LinkedIn profile you can interact with other People, Companies & Groups on LinkedIn.

Meniere’s Aust
You can request to JOIN the network of Meniere’s Aust (the individual admin profile) for Meniere’s Australia. To join the network, login to LinkedIn and search "Meniere's Aust" in PEOPLE. 

Meniere’s Aust is managing the Meniere’s Australia company page & MENIERE’S AUSTRALIA Meniere’s & Vestibular Professional Group (MVPG).

Meniere’s Australia Company Page
You can FOLLOW the Meniere’s Australia company page for the latest professional updates, job vacancies, events, as well as info on products & services.

MENIERE’S AUSTRALIA Meniere’s & Vestibular Professional Group (MVPG)
If you are a professional from one of the listed disciplines you can JOIN the MENIERE’S AUSTRALIA Meniere’s & Vestibular Professional Group (MVPG).

This group was created to better facilitate the sharing of knowledge regarding Meniere’s disease & other vestibular disorders. Members are encouraged to contribute information on medical articles, trials, research and other techniques from around the globe.

MA invite professionals from the following disciplines:
- Audiology
- Otology
- Neurotology
- Neuroscience (specifically Computational Systems)
- Psychology (specifically Cognitive Behaviour & Mindfulness)
- Psychoneuroimmunology
- Biology (with interests in Cellular levels & Ion Channels)
- Pharmacy
- Immunology (specifically with interest in Autoimmunity)
- Virology (specifically with interest in Herpesviruses)
- Physiotherapy
- Osteopathy
- Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy
- Alternative Therapies (such as Acupuncture) 
- Foundations

By taking a multi-disciplinarian approach, MA can work with other professionals to find better solutions for the treatment of Meniere’s disease and other vestibular disorders. 

You don’t need to have a Twitter profile to view TWEETS from Meniere’s Australia. You can just go to their Twitter page @MeniereAust. However if you want to get all the latest tweets delivered straight to you or you want to interact with Meniere’s Australia, then you will need to FOLLOW them @MeniereAust.

You don’t need a YouTube profile to view the Meniere’s Australia (MA) channel. Here MA will be uploading original videos (including interviews, seminars and possibly MA regional meetings) and liking selected videos from other channels. At a later date, MA may make original videos available via subscription only to MA members.

If you have a Skype profile (and free Skype software installed) you can receive & send free phone calls to Meniere’s Australia anywhere in the world (pending internet access & online availability ) by REQUESTING the Skype name menieresaustralia be added to your contacts. (Note: Purchasing Skype credit gives users more connection options. See Skype website for more info.)

In the future MA will trial Skype for group video calling and possibly conference calls. This will be particularly beneficial to MA members who are unable to attend regional MA meetings (due to distance or illness).

Even if you don’t have a video on your computer, tablet or smart phone you can still make and receive calls with Skype, all you need are working speakers, microphone & internet connection. It’s easy.


Pimp My Cause brings together worthwhile causes with talented marketers.

If you’re looking to gain new experience, make new connections, showcase your talent and give something back then Meniere's Australia NEEDS YOU!

If you would like to help people with vestibular disorders and have marketing skills in any of the following areas, then MA would love to hear from you. Desirable skills inc: Advertising, Branding, Business Development, Concept Development, Customer Insight, Graphic Design, Marketing, Networking, Photography, PR, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Videography or Web Development.
Check out the Meniere’s Australia profile on Pimp My Cause for more details.

GiveNow.com.au is a commission free fundraising website that allows people to GIVE to their favourite charities, such as Meniere’s Australia. Here you can make a monetary donation by giving a one off donation, a recurring donation or leaving a bequest.

When you make a donation through the commission free GiveNow website, all of your generous donation will go directly to MA. MA will use donated funds to create awareness of Meniere’s disease & other vestibular disorders, support MA members, and fund research into Meniere’s disease.

EverydayHero.com.au is a similar fundraising website to GiveNow however it deducts a small commission from funds raised. It you wish to make a monetary donation then MA would prefer that you use the GiveNow website listed above.

Where the Everyday Hero website excels is through its options for individuals to either create either an Event or a Hero page. Your EVENT could be a morning tea, barbeque, dinner party, physical challenge (like a fun run or trek). The possibilities are endless! As a HERO you can create your own personalised online fundraising page. You can then select Meniere’s Australia as the beneficiary of your Event or Hero page.

MA is in the process of finalising its charity page, so stay tuned as it should go live before the end of November 2012. 

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) connects corporate donors to causes that matter. If you work in Australia, ask your employer if they are part of a Workplace Giving or Matched Giving program with the Charities Aid Foundation. If they are then you can select Meniere’s Australia as your preferred charity.

WORKPLACE GIVING gives employees the opportunity to make a significant and lasting impact on the work of their preferred charity/s through a direct tax deductible donation from their pre-tax pay.

MATCHED GIVING programs provide dollar matching for employees' payroll giving donations, volunteer time, fundraising effort and/or cash donations to charities and community organisations.

There are now many ways you can connect with Meniere’s Australia (MA) but Menieres.org.au is a great place to start. MA looks forward to connecting with you wherever you are.


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